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The Customer Experience Tipping Point — An Ipsos and Medallia Study

Customer experience is a key battleground for companies in today’s economy. Yet this is a battleground on which many companies struggle.

Today’s customers have more choices, and more power over the brands they interact with, than ever before. Meanwhile, customer expectations have risen as technological innovations and a relentless focus on the customer have allowed leading brands to deliver superb experiences. As a result, it is no longer enough to simply provide a high-quality product or a competitive price. Instead brands are built — or broken — on customer experience.

Successful brands of the future will be those that stay ahead of the curve and look for ways to continually improve their customer experience. To help companies better understand what they need to do, Medallia partnered with Ipsos to conduct a survey of 8,002 consumers in four countries across six industry sectors: online retail, offline retail, banks, insurance, hotels, and mobile network providers. Our findings highlight a number of current trends in customer experience and indicate how companies can meet or exceed customer expectations in the coming year and beyond.