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Mobile Help


How do I access the Medallia Mobile app?

  1. To start, you’ll need to enter your Company ID on the first page of the Mobile App login screen:Your Company ID can be found in the Medallia URL that you use for the desktop version of Medallia. Company ID is the word after the domain part of the URL. For example, “acme” is the Company ID for and do not need to select “Use Medallia Username.”
  2. After tapping next, you’ll be brought to one of two screens: your company’s single sign-on (SSO) login page (Step 3) or the Medallia login page (Step 4).
  3. If you find yourself on your company’s SSO page, then use your company credentials to sign in. If you don’t know your company credentials, then reach out to your company’s IT team for help.
  4. If you find yourself on the Medallia login page, check to see if the “Access Code” link shows up below the Username and Password fields. If it does, then you should use your Access Code to sign into the Mobile App (Step 5), otherwise, use your Medallia Username and Password (Step 6).
  5. To find your Access Code, sign in to the Medallia website the way that you normally do from a computer.Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to the the User Settings sidebar by clicking on either your name or your user role in the upper, right-hand corner of the page.Click on “Try our Mobile App,” within the User Settings options, for instructions on how to access your user account via the Medallia Mobile App.  If you do not see that User Settings option for “Try our Mobile App,” this means that your account has not been enabled for access to the Mobile App. For more information, please contact your Medallia administrator.
  6. If you don’t see the Access Code link, then you’ll need to use your Medallia user credentials to log in to the Medallia Mobile app.

How do I reset my password?

  1. Enter your Company ID and click “Log in.”
  2. After being redirected to the login page, click on “Reset your password” and follow the directions.
  3. If your company uses single sign-on, please reset your password with your identity provider or contact your IT department.

For any additional questions, please email [email protected].